Boat transport trailers


Waltron’s Tandem Marine hauling trailers are designed to meet your needs. These trailers are available California legal or build to suit for those larger loads.


Waltron’s Tri-Axle trailers are designed to handle the loads that exceed the capacity of a tandem trailer. The leader in the marine hauling trailer industry, Waltron will build a tri-axle trailer that can handle your specific needs.

48’ Tandem Stretch

Originally developed in 2006, the 48’ Tandem Stretch is designed to be a California legal trailer when closed. When you need to haul larger yachts, it has the capability to stretch an additional 16 feet. This trailer is a clear demonstration of Waltron’s ability to adapt to the ever growing needs of our customers.

53’ LW and HW Trombone Trailers

The 53’ Trombone Trailer (available in both light weight and heavy weight models) is truly Waltron’s Goliath Trailer designed to haul the largest of yachts. For long but lighter needs, the LW model will do everything you ask and more. When you need to haul the ultimate in size and weight, Waltron’s HW model trombone trailer includes the option to add attachments such as gooseneck extensions as well as 4th and 5th axles to carry up to 75 tons.

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