Company Overview

Our Story

Often the specialization of a company is an evolutionary process, and that has been the way in which Waltron Trailers has become who we are today. In operation since the early 1970’s, Waltron recognized a need for a company with specialized ability in the design and production of custom trailers for heavy-haul industrial applications.

Our Work

Simply put, Waltron Trailers designs and manufactures specialty transportation systems. Our work, however, is far from simple and embodies professionalism and expertise that goes beyond industry requirements. At Waltron Trailers, we have designed and created heavy-haul trailers for industries as diverse as agriculture, energy, marine and infrastructure. We understand the unique needs and capacity requirements of the heavy-haul industry and design our products to address those needs.

Our team consists of more than 30 stringently trained and qualified professionals. Our on-site design unit is fully proficient in CAD technologies, and will collaborate with you to customize the solution that works for your needs and your industry requirements. Our work meets or exceeds all MTO and DOT standards, and our design and build crew are fully certified in all aspects of structural fabrication.

We target the international transportation industry with a primary focus on specialty O.E.M. transport trailers. Waltron’s custom design capabilities give you the power to turn your dream into a reality!

Our People

Gunther J. Haas


Gunther has more than 35 years of experience in steel fabrication and design in both static and dynamic structures. He recently acquired Waltron in partnership and is the perfect example of a hands-on CEO.

Craig VanGassen

Craig has been employed with Waltron since 2001. Experienced in many of the trailer manufacturing stages, Craig was initially involved in the design of trailers. His depth of expertise has enabled him to move into a Team Leader role in design, purchasing and sales.

Ryan Mailloux

With Waltron since 2013, Ryan has extensive experience in mechanical design and has more than 200 trailer designs under his belt. Ryan has introduced a variety of new concepts and initiatives using finite analysis and 3-Dimensional CAD.

Guy Lamb

Guy has been involved in the trailer industry since 1983 and has a wealth of experience – including at least a couple of decades building custom trailers. Guy has also been a long-time Plant Supervisor, so he’s the guy who knows what’s happening on the shop floor.

Robert McLachlan

Our most experienced salesperson, Bob has been in trailer sales since the late 1980’s. Although we believe he can sell anything, Bob specializes in Heavy-Haul and Specialty Trailers.

Liz McDonald

Liz joined the Waltron team in 2004, bringing with her an extensive accounting background. She’s currently the Office Administrator and specializes in keeping all of us organized.

Wilma Hay

Wilma has been working in the manufacturing field since 1989, and recently joined Waltron in the area of inventory control and purchasing. If you want to know how many we’ve got, or you need something ordered – Wilma’s your go-to person.

Areas of Specialty

• Early 1980’s - Design innovation of a unique style of hydraulic disc brake drop axle. This unique design was created to solve the problem of heavy boat hauling. The drop axle is now in use in all of our world-class trailers, leading Waltron to become synonymous with excellence in boat trailers.

• 1985: Waltron designs a bigger version of their already successful trailers, using both a larger hydraulic disc brake drop axle as well as larger tires.


• 1990-91: Waltron accommodates the growing needs of a changing market by introducing a re-designed trailer, which is lower to the ground to adapt to larger boats.

• 1992: Waltron, in cooperation with loyal customers, develops a “stinger steered trailer,” a concept adapted from the automotive industry, and customized for marine application.


• Into the new century: Waltron designed the removable gooseneck trailer, which gives heavy haulers the ability to diversify their service, and also created a trombone “stretch” trailer, which extends from 53 to 69 feet.