Repairs and Restoration

At Walton Trailers, manufacturing custom heavy-duty haulers is just a part of a full spectrum of engineering services. Our maintenance, refurbishment and high-tech painting departments allows us to restore and repair the most heavily used trailers, regardless of age.

Our 30,000 square foot facility features 12 adaptable production bays boosting our versatility and efficiency. We use state of the art equipment for cutting, welding, stamping, and coating. We also have hydraulic and electronic specialist in house which allows us to provide custom options and technical repairs that suit your unique requirements.

Our team of quality assurance engineers actively monitor our production bays to ensure your final refurbishment exceeds your expectations - completely safe and free from imperfections.

We typically work with high strength steel, but have the capabilities to also incorporate the use of exotic metals such as aluminum and stainless steel.

Our team can have your trailer looking like new and back in service within a week or two.



Our comprehensive one year warranty is a true testament to this. Our facility holds certifications with Ontario Ministry of Transportation and the Canadian Welding Bureau.

Our commitment to the highest quality standards is reflected in our client driven research and development approach.

We are focused on manufacturing the most efficient, safe, and reliable haulers in North America. With over 2000 custom trailers manufactured today, along with our in house engineering and 3D design team. Robust costs and pricing analysis, Waltron Trailers has all the necessary services and capabilities to help you take an existing concept to the next level, or bring a new idea to life. At Waltron Trailers we offer the manufacturing know-how and experience to drive innovation.

We want to be your partner in the design, engineering and manufacturing of your next heavy duty custom built hauling system.


Roll-Off Custom

Waltron offers custom designed Roll-Off Truck bodies to increase your productivity and reduce down time. Waltron can increase tip angles modify lengths and widths to suit special loads. Waltron can also offer different body types to work in the Roll-Off application such as dump, flat deck, and landscape styles.

We pride ourselves on a workforce that’s able to be adaptive and innovative, and we’re always learning. And, when we can’t find the piece of equipment that we need for a client’s requirements – we’ll design and build it ourselves!

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